Believing in the dignity of every person, the purpose of the Redding Homeless Day Resource Center is to support an inclusive, healthy community by providing a day center for those who may be experiencing homelessness, to meet their basic needs and to be the hub for supportive resources and services.

The RHDRC board members combined have served our target population for over 120 years. They are a group committed to advocating, empowering, and engaging populations with drug addiction, homelessness, and mental illness.  

Reverend Dr. Ann Muir Corrin
Initiator of the concept of the RHDRC; Board member since 2014; serves on Advisory Board.

ABD Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana; Masters in Divinity from Pacific School of Religion; D. Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary; B.A. Liberal Arts from the University of Montana. Clergy for the United Church of Christ for over three decades, most recently serving the UCC in Redding for over eight years. Active with the Shasta County Interfaith Forum. Recipient of the Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect (SSSCAR) annual Civil Rights and Social Justice Award of 2014.

Art Sevilla (Se-vi- ya)
Board member since 2017; serves as President.

Program Manager at Empire Outpatient Services. Art has been an Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor since 2013, certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals since April 2014. He is a member of the Shasta Health Assessment and Redesign Collaborative (SHARC) and sits on the Whole Person Care Committee. He is a member of the board with Shasta Humanity Project (micro homes).  In his spare time, Art roots on the Dodgers and enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful family.

Pamela Crowe
Board member since 2014; serves as Co-Vice President.

Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from California State University at Sacramento. B.A. English from the University of California at Davis. Retired from the field of social work, Pam has 30 years of work experience in the areas of social work, line working, administration, and general volunteering for nonprofit organizations and in county social services. Pam’s volunteer work has served a variety of organizations such as churches, AAUW, Beyond War, Southeast Asian Christian Ministry and others. In her spare time, Pam takes interest in travel, kayaking, walking, and reading.

Susan McVean
Board member since 2014; serves as Co-Vice President.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) since 1996; Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from California State University at Sacramento; B.A. Psychology from the University of California at Davis. Retired after over 25 years in direct work with clients and administration in the fields of clinical social work, medical social work, and drug and alcohol services. Instructor in the field of Social Work at the University of California at Chico. Sue holds multiple volunteer positions.

Rick Roberts
Board member since 2015; serves as Treasurer.

B.A. Physiology from the University of California at Berkeley; Registered Nurse. Worked in health care since 1973; worked as Manager of Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology at Redding Medical Center; most recently with Medtronic (Cardiac Rhythm Management) for 15 years as a Clinical Specialist. Recently retired, Rick is devoting his energies to improving the plight of our neediest fellow citizens.

Christine Hixenbaugh
Board member since 2016; serves as Secretary.

B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies with a minor in Political Science with a concentration in intercultural conflict resolution from Chapman University. Born and raised in Redding, CA. Currently, Christine works as a Youth Development Specialist with the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council.  She also works as an Administrative Assistant for Shasta Thrive, where she contributes to the nonprofit’s commitment to stop the cycle of poverty in Anderson, CA. Christine is training to become a facilitator for Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) to reduce incarceration recidivism in the United States. She has held various volunteer and internships in restorative programs since 2010 locally and internationally. In her spare-spare time, Christine enjoys the outdoors and chooses to live in the moment.

Teri Zainni
Board Member since 2015; serves as Client Advocacy Group ( CAG) Leader

Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from California State University Chico. Prior, Teri served her community as a teacher at the High School level, acquiring her credentials from Humboldt State University. Teri’s passion is Macro Social Work; she has experience in medical social work, family violence, and sexual assault. Teri works as a consultant and contracted social worker with nonprofit, private, and government agencies. In this role, she promotes issues of social justice, develops new programs, guides leadership development, engages clients and community members in agency work, and impacts policy on local, state and national levels.

Sue Gustafson
Board member since 2015

B.S. Nursing from St Vincent's College in Los Angeles, CA. Sue has 30 years working in Shasta County Mental Health Outpatient and Psychiatric Clinic. She has also worked in hospitals in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in medical, intensive care, emergency room and psychiatric units. Former Member of the Happy Valley school board for 10 years. After working many years with clients struggling with mental illness and sometimes addiction and homelessness, Sue looks forward to volunteering with an organization aiming to improve life for citizens of our community facing similar issues.

Rachel Whitaker

Board Member since 2015  

Born and raised in Shasta County, Rachel studied Early Childhood Education and English at College of the Redwoods and Geology at Shasta College.  Rachel has volunteered in BLM Archaeology department as well as serving for CASA, and worked over 20 years with the Shasta County Office of Education. Rachel has an adult daughter and has been married to awesome husband Shane Martinez for nearly three years. Rachel became a part of this organization in April of 2015 after becoming homeless herself and finding area resources are limited. Rachel is extremely passionate about equality and issues of social justice and feel strongly that it's time to stand up and make a change in our community. I know how hard it is to get back on your feet and indoors.

David Obele
Board Member since 2017; serves as Client Advocacy Group (CAG) Leader

Attended Stanford University with other classes at Northwestern University and then moved to New York City working in Broadway productions where, after the 9/11 tragedy, David decided that he wanted to volunteer with the New York Coalition for the Homeless. There, he served 1,000 clients per day through multiple programs including an immediate service day center until he gained employment. His work included donor relations, inspection of beds, and working diligently to advocate with corporations the Callahan Consent decree for the nearly 65,000 homeless residents of New York, under the Department of Homeless Services.
When David moved to Redding, he was appalled at the lack of services offered here and began volunteering to implement a day center to end the epidemic of homelessness.

Joe Shipman
Board Member since 2017

B.A. in Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation from CSU East Bay. Cottonwood resident since 1998. Projects Director of Viva Downtown Redding. Event Coordinator of Project Homeless Connect- Shasta; 2016. Joe is eager to end the fight against homelessness.

Delcie Strahan
Board Member since 2017

B.A in Psychology with a Minor in Education from UC Santa Barbara. Masters of Public Health from the University of Southern California. Certified Health Education Specialist and current Patient Educator at Shasta Community Health Center. Delcie grew up in Cottonwood, moved to Southern California for college and returned to the area in 2012. Delcie founded the Clean Break Partnership, an effort to bring mobile showers and restrooms to the Redding community.

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Rachel Whitaker

Delcie Strahan

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